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Adding beautiful scents to your home creates a delightful sensory experience, and now Sanatio Naturalis renowned for creating high quality, therapeutic grade aromatherapy oils has designed a beautiful NEW Aroma Diffuser Lamp. Fill your space with delicious up-lifting scents, of natural forest fragrances, happy Citrus, relaxing French Lavender, cleansing mint, or warm spices.

NEW Ultrasonic Aroma-Diffuser Lamp
Hand-Crafted from glass, the beautiful new Sanatio Naturalis Ultrasonic Diffuser Lamp adds a touch of natural elegance and luxury to any space. Utilising ultrasonic technology to produce a fine, pure smelling, cool fragrant mist - enjoy a mindful aromatherapy moment. The translucent hand-painted glass Eastern-inspired design, gives an exclusive touch to interiors, with its changing decorative swirl pattern making each piece unique - a stunning individual gift or wonderful treat for your own home.

Ideal to scent small spaces, at home, office, in a hotel or spa these diffusers are designed to work with Sanatio Naturalis finest 100% pure grade essential oils. So you can fill the air with therapeutic fragrances to boost energy, lift mood, de-stress, soothe spirits and encourage a sense of calm. Helps to create a more peaceful night’s sleep too as the soothing humidity alleviates dry air,  also with optional soft light.

How to Use your Aroma Diffuser Lamp from Valerie originator of Sanatio Naturalis:
Add water, then add 8-12 drops of your favourite essential oils after removing glass cover,. Depending on your personal preference, you may add more or fewer drops of each essential oil.

Happiness Diffuser Recipe:

Bright, joyful scents of Citrus essential oils are used in aromatherapy to energise, enliven the spirit and boost overall mood. Geranium and Ylang Ylang help to balance emotions and more positive feelings. Mix:
• 3 drops Sweet Orange Essential Oil
• 3 drops Lemon Essential Oil
• 3 drops Geranium Essential Oil
• 2 drops Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
• Add into your Sanatio Naturalis Ultrasonic Aroma-Diffuser Lamp and experience hours of bliss

The perfect gift with patented ultrasonic, high-frequency technology, emitting 2.4 million vibratory waves per second to delicately transform the essential oil into a dry, cool fragrant mist without heating or burning for the oils diffusion, providing a more pure delicate scent.

Sanatio Naturalis Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Lamp - Handcrafted SSP £90.00 from

Sanatio Naturalis Porcelain Diffuser Lamp product benefits:

• Water Capacity - 100 ml
• Turns off automatically when water level is low
• Has a continuous runtime of 4 hours or 8 hours with intermittent use
• Optional light for creating ambiance
• Handcrafted - every piece is unique due to the individual character of the hand-painted decorative pattern - no two are the same
• Soothing Humidity
• One year warranty (12 months from the date of purchase)
Height: 22 cm and Diameter: 11.5 cm
• Comes with a power adaptor (UK plug), and a user guide

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